Founding Principal MAO College : H.G.I. Siddons

Henry George Impey Siddons
Born: 1851, Died: After 1931 Wales (UK)
Father: Capt William Young Siddons (1815-1851)
Mother: Emma Frederica Louisa Grant
Founding Principal of MAO College: 23rd June 1875: 28th January 1884
(Joined the office on 28th June 1875)

Henry George Impey Siddons was born in the same year 1851 when his father died. He was a great grandson of Sarah Siddons (July 5, 1755June 8, 1831), a British actress, the best-known tragedienne of the 18th century. His father Capt. William Young Siddons (1815-1851) was a military officer posted in India.

Henry George Impey Siddons, an Oxford graduate was appointed as founding Head Master of Madarsatul Uloom (later became MAO College) on 23rd June 1875. He assumed the charges of his office on 28th June 1875. After 2 years, Madarsatul Uloom became Mohammadan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College. Foundation stone of the college was laid be Lord Edward Robert Lytton, Governor General of India on January, 8th 1877. Mr. H.H.I. Siddons took over as MAO College’s Founding Principal. He was an able administer and educationist and took keen interest in the development of College.

Mr. H.G.I. Siddons started a debating club for students to promote debating skills among the students. Later on the students debating club was renamed to honor him and is known as Siddons Club. In 1883 he tendered his resignation and laid down the charges of his office on 28th January 1884. After living Aligarh, he joined Colvin Taluqdars School in Oudh started by Sir Auckland Colvin (1838-1908), Lieutenant Governor of the North West Provinces and Chief Commissioner of Oudh.